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"In my 40 plus years of
professional practice,

I would say that the area of family law requires an attorney with a strong intellect, one who is a good strategist, having both a good legal and mathematical mind.”



Legal Practice Areas

Mr. Mannis has expertise in all areas of family law including but not limited to the following:

Child Custody and Visitation
Child Support
Domestic Violence - Civil Harassment
Divorce - Seperation
Enforcement of Orders
Grandparent Rights
International Adjudication
Interstate Jurisdiction
Parentage Action
Prenuptial Agreements
Postnuptial Agreements
Spousal Support

If you have family law questions…

If you have family -
law questions...

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With over 40 years of experience in family law, Joseph Mannis is uniquely qualified to assist you whether you are in California or world wide.

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About Joseph Mannis

Joseph Mannis, an esteemed legal professional with a lifelong dedication to both the artistic and legal communities. He possesses over 40 years of invaluable experience. His influential presence in Los Angeles’ entertainment and creative circles is widely recognized, having represented numerous notable figures, including professional athletes, entertainers, executives, and individuals listed on the “Forbes 400,” as well as their spouses and co-parents. With unwavering discretion, Mr. Mannis has provided legal representation to countless actors, directors, entertainment executives, and renowned artists in Los Angeles, safeguarding their privacy with utmost care.

Recognized for exceptional expertise in international matrimonial law, particularly in safeguarding the cross-border wealth of the global elite, Joseph Mannis and his work have garnered consistent recommendations from Chambers and Partners. He is esteemed both as an individual attorney and for his firm in the annual High Net Worth Advisors Guide for Family and Matrimonial Law. The Hollywood Reporter has acknowledged Mr. Mannis among the top 50 Power Lawyers and the top 20 Legal Troubleshooters in Los Angeles for his innovative approach and successful advocacy on behalf of clients within the entertainment elite. His legendary status in the field has been recognized by the Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Family Law Section.
As a sought-after expert in family law matters, Mr. Mannis frequently participates in industry discussions. In 2019, he shared his insights on “Hollywood Divorces: An Insider’s Perspective on Navigating A Divorce When Representing Clients in the Entertainment Industry.” Additionally, he has presented the groundbreaking Obergefell Supreme Court ruling regarding marriage equality and its implications for current and future family law cases. Over the years, Joseph Mannis has generously shared his expertise with certified public accountants and attorneys, delivering valuable insights on various topics, including “High Wage Earners, Celebrity Goodwill” for the Beverly Hills Bar Association and “Support on Support” at the 48th Annual Family Law Symposium organized by the Los Angeles County Bar Association. His contributions extend to discussions on “Private Judges” at the Beverly Hills Bar Association, “Spousal Support” at the Orange County Bar Association’s Family Law Section, and “The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005: The Impact on Family Law” at the 31st Annual Family Law Symposium.
Beyond his legal accomplishments, Joseph Mannis is an ardent art collector and a founder of MOCA, The Museum of Contemporary Art. His advocacy for artists is evident in his active involvement in the philanthropic community. Previously serving as the Chairman of the Board of Project Angel Food, Mr. Mannis continues to support the organization as Chairman of the Board Emeritus. His substantial philanthropic work on behalf of Project Angel Food earned him recognition as a finalist for the 2018 HEALTH CARE LEADERSHIP AWARD by the Los Angeles Business Journal.
Mr. Mannis is passionate about continuing to help families address the legal challenges they may face, providing unwavering support and compassionate guidance throughout their journey towards resolution.

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